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11 Great Fly Fishing Gift Ideas for Christmas2018!

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for the angler in your life? From great value fly sets to fly lines, accessories and more, here are 11 items sure to be popular this festive season! We’ve included something for everyone here, from fishing gifts under £10 to great value starter kits, materials and must have gear.  Perfect treats for anyone who loves fly fishing, on sale from retailers and online shops right now. Just click the titles for product links to find out more…

1. Turrall Bamboo Fly Selection Gift Boxes (RRP: from £44.99)

Fly Fishing christmas gifts cane fly box Bamboo turrall

If you know what kind of fly fishing they love best, a beautifully presented selection box of flies could make a great present for him or her. Providing a whole host of winning fly patterns in a fine quality split-cane box, our Bamboo Fly Selections do just that, whether their first love is sea trout or stillwater water fly fishing.

2. Fishing Hoorag – RRP £9.99

angling buffLooking for a simple, stylish way to keep out the heat or the cold when fishing? Well, here’s a great Christmas stocking filler, perfect for those anglers who don’t do embarrassing knitwear! Fashioned in non-fish scaring camou colours, this accessory can be worn many different ways all year round.

3. Hemingway’s Dubbing Dispensers (RRP: £17.99)

Hemingways dubbing dispenser

For the tyer looking for the very best in fly dubbing materials, look no further than these sets of fantastically useful colours. Keeping the materials neatly stored together, these are also a great solution for those of us whose fly tying areas are less than tidy!

4. Hemingway’s Realistic Fly Sets (RRP: £15.99)

Hemingways realistic fliesIn the world of shop bought flies, it pays to be as selective and fussy as the fish you want to catch. This year, we are delighted to add Hemingway’s superbly lifelike patterns to our quality range of UK flies. The detail on many of these has to be seen to be believed, from caddis to mayflies, with both wet and dry flies to give you complete confidence with picky fish.

5. Sportsman Bumper (RRP £14.99)

Sportsman bumper fishing rod holder car
When you’re setting up for a day’s fishing, the last thing you want is your rod getting stepped on or worse (crunch!) getting caught in a car door. This brilliant fly fishing gadget keeps several rods snug and upright, sticking to the side of your car via magnets. Voila! No more rods falling over or costly accidents.

6. Today’s Flyfisher Magazine Subscription (£27.96)

Todays Flyfisher Subscription
This brand new fly fishing quarterly really is a thing of beauty! High production values, stunning photography and lively features cover just about every style of fly fishing you are likely to enjoy, from Britian’s wild lakes to far flung adventures across the globe. Highly recommended reading- why not treat yourself or a friend to four mouthwatering issues? See

7. Turrall Off Bead Nymphs (RRP: £9.99 set of 12)

Grayling nymphs best value
Looking for the best in modern grayling flies for winter fishing? These off-bead nymphs fish jig style, to get right down to where the fish are feeding on the coldest days. Doubling up on six of the very best colours and sizes, this set is great value for money.

8. Cortland Fly Lines, from feather to heavy weight! (RRP from £39.99)

Cortland fly line ultralight

Whether it’s flicking out a tiny dry fly on a delicate leader, or heaving out articulated pike flies on a 10-weight, Cortland produce some of the best fly lines money can buy. Currently in the range are lines that cater for the most demanding extremes, from Cortland Ultralight Trout Fly Lines in weight classes down to a two, right up to the Cortland Big Fly Line, already winning fans among those who cast large flies for toothy, hard-hitting predators.

9. Cortland 9ft Pike / Saltwater Fly Rod Kit (RRP: £74.99)

Cortland starter fly fishing kit pike bassAt some point in any fly angler’s life, a new challenge is a must to keep the flame burning strong. Fancy a crack at sea bass or pike in 2019? This ideal starter kit includes rod, reel, fly line and leader at the best possible value! Just add flies (and perhaps a wire trace for pike) and you’re away…

10. Cortland Chest Pack (RRP: £29.99)

Here’s a great portable solution for those who like to wade or wander for mile after mile. Deceptively spacious, yet light and highly practical, this stylish bag will carry plenty of odds and ends safely and stylishly.

11. Turrall Camou Fly Box (RRP £14.99)

Turrall camou fly box fishing gifts Super durable, besides eye catching, this box features high quality foam to store all your favourite flies snugly for seasons to come.


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