Fly Fishing Resolutions for 2016

Where will your fly fishing lead this year? Dominic Garnett has six suggestions for an exciting season.

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Try Something New
Nothing beats a new challenge for getting you fired up and fishing. Perhaps you want to explore a new venue, or target a species you’ve never caught before? If you usually fish stillwaters, find a local river. If rainbow trout are usually your bag, try fishing for wild browns or grayling. Make it your first resolution to try a completely new water this year.

 Add some bite
For the time being, waters can be unpredictable, high or cold. But by switching to streamers or baitfish patterns, there are so many predatory fish to catch on even the least promising days. Predator fly fishing is the fastest growing branch of fly fishing in the UK today, and for good reason.


Pike and perch both offer fun and variety, with species such as zander and chub also an exciting challenge. Our range of predator flies and tying materials appeal to all of them!

Turrall perch flies- Dropshot Minnows and Perch Special

Catch a friend
How many times do you say it: “we really must go fishing soon!” Make 2016 the year you deliver on that promise. Fly fishing is about so much more than just catching fish. It’s a great way to catch up with a friend, bond with your family or just get away from it all.


Treat yourself to a guided day
There is no better way to get more from your fishing than a day out with a guide. Whether it’s picking up vital watercraft tips, learning a new method or improving your casting, time with an expert is always time well spent.

 Take a pinch of salt
For a totally different fly fishing challenge, why not tackle up for the sea this year? Taking on the open coast can be daunting, but sheltered waters such as estuaries and harbours offer fish such as bass, pollack and mackerel. Many of these can be caught on your trout gear, provided you give it a wash after your trip to the salt. Look no further than our growing range of saltwater flies for the best current fly patterns for UK fishing.


Learn to tie flies
If you’ve never tried tying your own flies, now is the time to learn. It needn’t be complicated or expensive and it’s certainly a fantastic way to build up to the new season. Fly tying starter kits are an affordable way to get cracking without breaking the bank (ours start from under £50 RRP with all the tools, hooks and materials).  Do keep an eye on the Turrall blog for regular fly patterns and tying tips throughout the year too.

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However you spend 2016, we wish you an enjoyable year and exciting fishing. Don’t forget to follow us for the latest news, tips and deadly fly patterns via the Turrall Blog, Twitter feed and Facebook Page, or visit where you’ll also find our recommended suppliers and fly stockists to order our premium range of flies, tying materials, fly fishing gifts and accessories.

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