Top Fly Fishing Gifts & Accessories for 2015

Top Fly Fishing Gifts and Accessories for 2015
Looking for ideal fly fishing gifts this Christmas? From deadly fly selections to must have accessories, we have just the thing. Stuff the socks and aftershave, here’s what fishermen really want! Here are our top 10 for 2015. Find them at fly stockists across the UK, or order online.

1. Turrall Fly-Pod (RRP From £24.99)
Proven fish-catching flies in a quality double-sided box. From loch flies to salmon doubles, buzzers, blobs and classic dries, we have a box to cover it. Great value and an ideal stocking filler for fly anglers.Fly Pod by Turrall

2. Sportsman Bumper (RRP £14.99) Protect your fly fishing rods and your vehicle with this smart accessory. Attaches magnetically to your car to provide a secure place for your rods in seconds. For anyone who has ever damaged a rod in the car door or boot, this is a great idea.
Sportsman bumper vehicle rod holder portable

3.Bamboo Fly Selection Boxes (RRP from £44.99) Sets of our finest flies in a beautifully made split cane fly box. From grayling patterns to sea flies, we have the perfect selection for any angler.
boxed flies Turrall

4. Zap-A-Gap Vest Pack (RRP £3.99)The multi-use adhesive ideal for securing knots, fixing flies and even adhoc tackle repairs. This great value pack includes one for the tackle box and one for your vest.
Zap a Gap fly fishing glue

5.Turrall Bamboo Fly Boxes (RRP from £21.99) Fashioned from split cane and beautifully finished, these are elegant, functional fly boxes have been hugely popular with anglers. Available in several versions, including extra large and slimline (pictured).

6. Lucky Laker Smart Phone Fish Finder (From RRP £129.99)
The user-friendly fish finder that works directly with your smart phone. A brilliantly useful tool for any angler who fishes large waters.
Lucky Laker Smart phone fish finder

7. Turrall Fly Tying Kits (From RRP £39.99) The perfect start to the art of fly tying, these kits feature all the basic tools, top quality materials and instructions. Give an angler a great new hobby for the winter months.

fly tying kit for beginners

8. Crooked Lines (£9.99 or £4.99 E-Book) Dom Garnett’s new book has fishing adventures from tiny trout streams to the middle of Manhattan, along with suitably crooked original artwork, plus a foreword by Matt Hayes. Find it at


9. Peak Vice & Accessories: A professional quality fly tying vice at an amazing price, the Peak represents the fantastic value for money. Durable, versatile and the ultimate affordable vice for the serious fly tyer. With a rotary function and a brilliant range of accessories, this is perfect for creating all types of flies.


10. Thingamabobbers (RRP From £3.99) An ultra durable strike indicator, easy to use and even easier to spot. Smaller sizes can also be used in to tie ultra buoyant flies.


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