Turrall are recognized across the world for their fine quality fishing flies used in all types of sportfishing.

Turrall specialize in hand-tied Trout flies, Salmon flies, and Salt-Water flies. The Trout flies are made for river and lake fishing, with an extensive range of Salt-Water flies for warm and temperate waters, and Salmon flies for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead.

Turrall Fish hooks are made in England from high carbon Sheffield steel, especially for Fly-tying.  Many different hook patterns are available for Trout flies, together with specific hooks for Salmon,  Pike, Bass, and Salt-Water flies.  An extensive range of Fly-tying materials, Fly-tying kits and tools, together with Metz cock hackles and Metz hen hackles are also available.

Fly-fishers wishing to purchase our materials or flies online can do so by visiting  the Summerlands site below.


Summerlands Fishing Tackle World


Trade enquiries:                  flies@turrall.co.uk  


Phone: + 441 805 804 352

Fax:     + 441 805 804 572


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