BRFFA Youth Pathway Launch Chew 2024

BRFFA Youth Pathway Launch Chew 2024

A fantastic weekend with the launch of The BRFFA Youth Pathway and the final leg of The Three Lakes Bank Challenge.

The aim of the youth pathway is to introduce youngsters to fly fishing and give them the skills to enjoy the incredible sport of fly fishing. We are very proud to have had the first four youngsters pass their Bronze fly fishing award which took place over two days. There were a total of 6 attendees over the weekend, with two to finish the last day soon.

The youngsters all learnt to cast and setup equipment, tie knots and understand all the kit they need. The anglers also got to spend the afternoon fishing Woodford Bank on Chew and appreciated the incredible wildlife on a glorious day.

The youngsters learnt loads, as have the instructing team and organizers, and all the learning will be used to improve the courses as the project grows. Congratulations to all that took part.

Well done of course to all the coaches that have taken big steps in their own learning. As ever it’s massive thanks to Bristol Water Fisheries for facilitating this important pathway for young people.

Also a massive thank you to Turrall & Co Ltd  supporting with Cortland Fly Lines, Metz, Thingamabobbers and others without whom this simple couldn’t happen.

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