Pro Staff


Fishing author Dom Garnett is a passionate fly angler, guide and photographer who handles Turrall’s digital marketing. His best-known book is probably “Flyfishing for Coarse Fish”, which became an Amazon Bestseller. He has worked closely with Turrall to design our special range of flies for roach, rudd, chub, dace, perch and pike.
Based in Exeter, Dom can be found fishing and guiding in the southwest for just about anything that swims. He has written over 200 articles for titles ranging from the Angling Times to Fly Fishing & Fly Tying and the Mail on Sunday, while also appearing on the Sky Sports and National Geographic channels.

Jamie Sandford

There's a big world out there with lots of species... If it's got fins I'll fish for it and have fun! 

Having been called 'A carp on the fly -  expert' Jamie is lucky enough to have  written for a number of magazines including 'Trout Fisherman, The Lure Anglers Society Magazine and The Fly Fishing Journal' alongside many online blogs. Also a regular at various national shows be it the prestigious BFFI or the Scottish Fly Fair.

Jamie started fishing from an early age and is most at home when he is outdoors. Fishing influences come from the likes of John Wilson, Matt Hayes and most importantly his father.

'Multi species fishing' and travelling really makes Jamie tick having spent over a decade fishing in Europe for carp, barbel, black bass, zander and catfish to name just a few; utilising all manner of fishing methods!

Jamie's year is often spent targeting carp and barbel alongside various other coarse fish on the fly both at home and overseas. Spring and summer, sea bass and pollack make for exciting coastal adventures before trout and grayling come autumn/winter.

Paul Bowitz

My love for fishing developed from an early age. From the early days I realized no other hobby would do and fishing has followed me throughout life. I've now been fishing for over 20 years and I've been on the water almost every day. Fly fishing on flowing waters is what drives me spending countless hours working the water. I feel most comfortable on my local rivers but also like to travel to fish some great locations from southern Germany to Sweden. Over the years I have specialized in trout and grayling and fish them exclusively with nymphs and dry flies on light tackle. Know your waters and stay focused.

Kay Lenartowicz

Fly fishing is wellness for the soul. The closeness to nature, the tranquillity around you is important its not about catching the biggest fish out in river, every fishing day a very special one. I started as a youngster with my father in Dortmund on the canal, where I don't think we ever caught anything! This however sowed the seeds for my future love of fishing. Whether on a family vacation in Poland or with my friends in Sweden fly fishing is something that always comes with. I'm excited to see where it goes next."

Gary Pearson

After cutting his teeth on the rivers and streams of the Westcountry Gary has previously represented England at international level on the River Tummel in Scotland and for a number of years also fished for two of the top Stillwater teams in the country.  An avid angler who these days is much more content to be found fishing around the UK for salmon and abroad for saltwater species. Qualified Guide and accomplished fly tier.

Oliver Cullingford

” I have been fishing since the age of about 8, probably starting on my local river Axe catching small brown trout, minnows and eels fishing with worms and hand lines until I got given my first 4 ft rod and pirate 1 reel, after that there was no stopping me.  I now fish for most species depending on the season’s but it’s mainly pike and catfish I target on the fly.   I love a challenge and catching large predator’s on the fly is what makes me tick and trying new things that people think is impossible, like catfish on the fly being one of them.  Pike on the fly is exciting for sure, but hooking a wels catfish in the pitch black of night, the sensation though your finger tips is something that I feel everyone should experience once in their life, and being stripped down to your backing in seconds is not something you really experience that often with our fresh water species here in the UK.  Sorry to go on a bit but my love and passion for this sport is real, and I am really looking forward to working with Turrall. ”

Chris Watson

Chris has been demonstrating fly tying and running workshops for over thirty years and is a familiar figure on the UK fly tying circuit.  He has had his work published in numerous magazines and fishing programs with the BBC and Sky TV. If you were to venture to the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in the States you will see some of his work on display. He is a member of the Fly Dressers Guild and acted in a consultative capacity on their Fly Tying Award Scheme.  He is a Gold Standard Instructor and Assessor for the scheme.  He is also a life member of the Prince Albert Angling Society.

“Over the years I have had the immense privilege of tying with some of the world’s leading fly tyers and am lucky enough to be part of the worldwide ‘fly tying and fly fishing family’.” Turrall are please to be able to welcome Chris to the team as our resident Hemingway Pro and we have many exciting things to come.
Rodney Wevil

Rodney has been fly fishing for 45 years targeting grayling, wild trout and sea trout from the age of 10. In more recent years he has switched his attention to saltwater and pike fishing on the fly, but if it swims, he is ready to cast to it.

Rodney has travelled with his fishing and is a great supporter of Mexico after chasing bones, permit, tarpon and all that the West Caribbean coast has to offer there.

Rodney is the vice chairman and England RO for the Pike Fly Fishing Association organising events and helping teach fish welfare within the pike fly fishing arena and wider community. Also running Team Fluff Chuckers organising other fishing events/competition in the UK and the Fluff Chuckers – Fly Fishing Fanatics group on social media.

Rodney works closely with Turrall in developing  flies to tempt the Esox Lucius in order to bring some well proven patterns to anglers.

Rodney is based on the Devon/Cornwall boarder and is always open to giving advice and help to others where he can especially if its Pike or Mullet on the fly.

Liam Thomas

Residing on the isle of Anglesey and having fished from childhood after wild trout on the streams of the island to then progressing to the fertile lowland Cefni Reservoir fishing for stocked rainbow trout and quality sized wild brown trout.  Liam is very fortunate to be very close to some of arguably the best wild trout fishing available.

He confesses to always having been competitive and trialed for the welsh junior team at Llyn Trawsfynydd where he gained a second place and a welsh youth cap to represent wales at the 2007 youth international at Lough Conn Co. Mayo Ireland where the team gained a silver medal.

More recently he trialed for the senior team in 2017 and in 2018 and qualified for his first senior cap at Grafham in 2019 where Wales achieved a Bronze medal at the spring international.

If not fishing he’s usually tying flies or will be working on a local shoot with the dog hopefully gaining some natural feathers for the fly tying bench.

Liam has a great knowledge of the fishing the North Wales area provides and is a young and modern competition angler with a bright future ahead of him.

Brian Kerr

Brian has been fishing since an early age and competition fishing since the age of nine, entering sea, shore angling competitions with his dad. As a junior he won a number of trophies, was junior club champion and was awarded several medals for specimen fish.  In his early teens he got a Saturday job in a tackle shop which was owned and run by lifelong angler and highly respected fly-dresser, Ken Middlemist. Ken was a former fly dresser in the famous House of Hardy, the job would become a full time job at sixteen and it was here that Brian did an apprenticeship in fly dressing with Ken which in turn fueled his interest in fly fishing. Since then almost all of his fishing time has been devoted to fly fishing on rivers, lakes from the bank and lough style lake fishing. When he is not fishing Brian loves to be dressing flies and has dressed flies for several top International anglers. Brian is an avid competition angler and has represented and qualified to represent Ireland and Northern Ireland at International, Commonwealth, European and World Team level and is the former Commonwealth Champion having won the Individual and Team Gold Medals at the 2018 Championships. The team won Gold again at the 2020 Commonwealth Championships in New Zealand and Brian was fourth placed Individual.

Paul Kerry

Paul is based in Staffordshire and can often be found in the Peak District and Staffordshire moorlands exploring small wild streams and the River Dove which is his home beat. The gin clear water of the majestic Dovedale is where most of the hours on the water are spent searching and stalking beautiful wild brown trout and specimen grayling. Paul has been fishing both coarse and fly for +25 years. He’s a fan of most methods of fly fishing and is currently mastering the European Nymphing styles but loves the summer months and the dry fly action on light gear.

Craig Brown

Craig’s work life has be varied from a Royal Marine to a civil servant.

A life long fisherman, Craig’s passion for fly fishing started out of frustration after an ill-fated fishing trip abroad in 2009. On his return he joined the Glasgow casting club, within a year he was helping members with their casting and passed the Game Angling Instructor Certificate (GAIC) in 2012. After many years of teaching and refining his casting and instructional techniques he successfully passed the Association of Advanced Game Angling Instructors Certificate (AAPGAI) in 2019.

Fishing wise Craig has been lucky enough to have fly fished some of the world’s best locations from New Zealand, Slovenia, Canada, the United States, Cuba, and Mexico to name but a few.

He has been taught and trained with some of the best fly casters and fly fisherman in the world and continues to train and practice to refine his techniques.

Although fairly new to competition fly fishing he was selected as part of the Scotland team for the 2020 World Championships in Finland.

He is delighted to be part of the Turrall team and looks forward to the challenges ahead.

Mark Withyman

Mark is a driven competition angler and has been a longstanding member of the competition circuit for over 20 years gaining 9 Loch style caps, 4 team gold medals and has captained the England Loch Style team twice.

He has also been selected to fish for England in the 5 Nations Competition 3 times and was a individual silver medallist in 2017.

His latest passion is for the rivers, which is borne out with him reaching the English national rivers final for the last 4 years He still regularly fishes lakes for the Turrall Cortland team and states he would love to gain one more loch style cap, but also would love to gain an England rivers cap along the way.  As I said he is driven, I wouldn’t bet against it happening!  A keen fly tyer who ties all his own flies.
Chris Ogborne

Chris is a highly respected figure in the fishing world, both as an angler and also for his fishing business consultancy.  He has represented England on the International stage for over twenty years, winning a host of awards at the highest level including two National Championships and a hatful of World Championship medals.
These days Chris lives in Cornwall where he enjoys wild river and saltwater fly fishing, also guides others in this hugely popular and ever-growing sport from boats, beaches and streams. He has played a key rile in developing a range of saltwater flies for Turrall based on sandeel and baitfish patterns. His current project is a fundamentally different approach to river flies, with the ultimate shortlist that will catch fish on any river, anywhere in the world.

Wes Ower

Big game angler, Fly Fisherman, Fly Tyer and FDG instructor has been fishing since his youth, where Marlin, Tuna and other big game species were regularly in his sights. In his more than 30 years of fly fishing Wes has been very active in developing new patterns and devotes a lot of time to his other passion the Fly Dressers Guild, having founded the Roadford Branch where he is currently Chairman. Wes is also a qualified FDG instructor and devotes much of his time promoting and developing fly fishing when not supporting Turrall.