Anti Slavery Statement

Anti Slavery Statement

  • Structure:

H Turrall & Co Ltd is a UK based company involved in the manufacture and distribution of fishing flies, fly tying materials and other branded fishing related items. Turrall procures materials and products from all over the world and works with a number of international suppliers.

  • Policies:

There are a number of policies within the company that are designed to ensure human rights are upheld. The company acknowledges, trains and regulates its activities in order to minimize the risk to any forms of modern slavery occurring in its supply chain.

TP01 – Human Rights Statement

TP02 – Ethical Trading Initiative

TP06 – Anti Underage Labour Policy

TP05 – Anti Forced Labour Policy

TP04 – Anti Discrimination & Harassment Policy

TP07 – Freedom of Association

TP22 – Anti Bribery Policy

TP10 – Overtime, Wages & Working Hours Policy

TP14 – Attendance Policy

TP17 – Maternity Process and Regulations

TP31 – Supplier Policy

TP24 – Grievances SOP

TP68 – Slavery Policy

  • Process:

The process for the training and implementation for the anti-slavery policy are documented and enforced. All staff are expected to comply to any policy of the company and to make sure that these aims of the policies are maintained.

Staff will receive training on the ways of working, the aims and the reporting measures of the company in relation to Anti-Slavery activities. This will be part of the on-boarding process for new starters and a continuation of training for existing employees.

Stakeholders, including suppliers and customers will be made aware of the aims of the company in regard to anti-slavery.

Where required audits will be conducted into companies to ensure they comply with the aims of the company and where any cases of modern slavery become apparent these will be reported to the relevant authorities immediately.

  • Indicators / Assessment:

All stakeholders are expected to comply to the aims of the anti-slavery policies within the company. These aims are enforced though a number of policies within the company.

Modern Slavery is a huge problem in our world, with an estimated 21 million people affected. We take it upon ourselves to look at and ensure all areas of our business are free from slavery.

Turrall will play an active role in working with its suppliers towards eradicating global slavery.

Turrall will audit its suppliers to understand more about its supply chain and will work with suppliers to improve any risks or issues it uncovers. Supplier audits and questionnaires will form part of the process.

  • Training available to staff:

Our staff will play a key role in making sure we uphold the values of the Slavery Act. All staff are trained on the Slavery Act, what it is and why it exists.

All staff have their training signed off on by a manager once they have demonstrated a clear understanding of the policies in relation to anti-slavery and human rights.

All training forms part of the on boarding process and continuation of training that is essential to the running of our company.

  • Steps taken by the company to address and remedy modern slavery:

An Anti-Slavery statement is to be made available to the public. The Anti-Slavery statement must be signed by a director of the company and communicated to all staff. The statement is to be made available on the company website.

Where reports of modern slavery are found by the company these will be reported to the authorities. Turrall will stop working with any stakeholders that are involved in slavery or the mistreatment of workers, in line with our company policies.

Turrall will continue to work with its suppliers to uphold the aims of the slavery act and where needed provide assistance to stakeholders to improve and work towards eradicating modern day slavery where it is found.

Dylan Ponisch