Credit to the Team -Newhaylie Fundraiser

Credit to the Team -Newhaylie Fundraiser

Teaching youngsters isn’t just about catching – its about showing them the etiquette of the sport and how to conduct themselves. So, its great that the Scotland Youth Team members impressed anglers at a fundraiser kindly hosted at the Newhaylie Fishery.

The Newhaylie day went really well with a good compliment of anglers turning up to support the youth team. This event, one of many is something that is being done in order to raise the profile and awareness of the Scottish Youth Team and the important role it plays in the future of fly fishing.

The youth team members helped out all day and dished out encouragement in wet and windy conditions. The competition fished well with Brian McKenzie tacking top rod after landing 28 trout, with Ross Mckeen Second on 20 and Nigel Burns on third with 19. A total of 177 fish were caught by 29 anglers.

Prizes included Cortland Fly Lines and Turrall Fishing Fly Selection Boxes with many prize winners donating their winning back to the Scottish Youth Team.

The day raised over £700 for the Scottish Youth Team on the day. A great boost to funds for next year’s international in Wales. Well done to the Scottish Youth Team on their commitment and effort!

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