New Cortland Products for 2023

New Cortland Products for 2023

New Cortland Products for 2023

To kick this new year off right, We are excited to announce some new products that have been in the works for some time now. To stay at the top of our game and provide you guys with the best possible tools to make your time on the water more enjoyable, this is what we are introducing for 2023:

  1. Streamer Sink Tip 10 T3 

The first of many products we are introducing for 2023 includes three new additions to our Streamer Series, rounding out this collection of fly lines. The first line is our Streamer Sink Tip 10 Type 3 (3-4 IPS). Previously, we introduced the Streamer Sink Tip 10, which features a 10 ft. type 6 (6-7 IPS) sink tip. We realize that this sink rate does not fit every fishery or situation and wanted to offer an option for fishing shallower water, covering the mid to upper water column or when fishing over structure. Same aggressive taper as the Streamer Sink Tip 10, just with a slower sink rate. Ideal for Trout, Bass, and any other freshwater species.

  1. Streamer Sink Tip 25

Along with having a slower sink rate option, we wanted to develop some heavier sinking lines for big rivers and stillwater fisheries. The first is our Streamer Sink Tip 25.  This line is a step up from the Streamer Sink Tip 15 and features a 25 ft type 6 (6-7 IPS) sink tip with a floating running line. This line is perfect for both wade and boat fishing as the floating running line is easy to pick up at the end of your retrieve when wading and won’t get caught up on any drop offs. The short aggressive head design will turn over any big, bulky patterns for Trout, Bass and any other freshwater species you see fit.

  1. Streamer Dredge 30

The most powerful addition to our Streamer Series is the Streamer Dredge 30. This line was developed with the deepest rivers and lakes in mind, featuring a 30 ft type 8 (8-9 IPS) sinking head with an intermediate running line. This line is an absolute cannon and will turn over any big articulated Trout streamer you throw on it. The intermediate running line aids in keeping your fly down at the desired depth throughout the entire retrieve and will remove any hinges in your line. If you are targeting trout in deep rivers or lakes, this is the line for you.

  1. Tropic Plus Ghost Tip *Coming Soon*

Photo by Reagan Renfroe / Under Armor Fish.

The newest addition to our Tropic Plus Series is the Ghost Tip. Previously, we had a Ghost Tip 9 and a Ghost Tip 15 in this series but one of our goals this year was to develop the one, all be all Ghost Tip line that was universal enough to be used wherever you’re fishing. With your guy’s feedback, we found that the 9-foot length for the clear intermediate tip offers the most versatility. Along with dialling in the tip length, we also completely changed the taper of this line. Previously, this line featured more of a shooting style head with a short rear taper, that was not ideal for carrying a lot of line in the air. We switched this taper up to feature an elongated rear taper for comfortably carrying a lot of line in the air, when your cast must be precise and when casting to moving targets. The taper that inspired this change came from our beloved Tarpon Taper. One of the best Tropic Lines of all time, we had to take that taper and put it into the next best flats line.

  1. Tropic Plus Clear Intermediate

The second addition to our Tropic Plus Series is the Clear Intermediate. With ultimate stealth and versatility in mind, this line can be used to cut through the surf, pick apart the flats or even disrupt some mangroves. This line is fully clear and has a sink rate of about 1.5-2 IPS. The thinner overall line profile will easily cut through the wind when casting and through the surf when searching for that next bite. This line is ideal for Tarpon, Permit and Snook. Fish it right below the surface with a fast retrieve or use the sink rate to search out Tarpon on cloudy, windy days when they are holding below the surface. 

  1. Streamer Nylon Tapered Leaders

We have two lengths of Streamer Leaders we are excited to announce this year. The first is a 7 ft leader that pairs extremely well with floating lines and the second is a 4 ft leader that pairs well with sink tip or full sinking lines. We wanted to develop a strong turnover leader that feels like an extension of your streamer fly line for convenient rigging and seamless integration. Offered in 03X-3X or 8 lb-20 lb.

  1. Fluorocarbon XTR Leader Material *Coming Soon*

Our new Fluorocarbon XTR Leader Material was developed to be the most versatile, longest lasting leader material out on the water. XTR has a higher break strength per diameter, unmatched abrasion resistant and a crystal clear finish. The hard finish layer prolongs wear when fishing near heavy cover like mangroves, jetties and coral as well as protects against toothy critters. No one likes a leader material that is too stiff to tie with or effects your presentation, so we offset the hard outer layer with a moderate flex layer underneath for natural presentations and incredible knot strength. Be sure not to miss this one on your next saltwater trip or while fishing your local river. Offered in sizes 6-80 lb.


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