Turrall Cynghrair Traws League Round 2

Turrall Cynghrair Traws League Round 2

Traws League Round 2 Sponsored by Turrall

Round 2 of the Cynghrair Traws Turrall Traws League 2023 was held on the 22 April 2023, with a cool wind most of the day and overcast conditions with a few warmer spells. The scene was set for another fantastic days fishing.

Beginning of the match saw a few boats stay in Home Bay whilst the majority spread out throughout the lake. A few fish were caught early in Home Bay before boats began to move away.

Buzzers were hatching periodically through the day, although the fish ignored the artificials going mainly for various blobs or boobies. Just goes to show that working all the flies in the box will help you discover what is out there and what is being eaten. Fish were taking mainly deeper down so using a sinking line to get lures down is a good way to test the waters.


Well done to all the anglers that took part. The top 3 anglers, Morgan Jones, Liam Thomas and Colin Jones, with Alice Davies top lady and Daniel Owen top youth.



Top Tips from winner Morgan Jones

Upon arriving at the lake we were greeted with a steady north westerly breeze of around 8-12mph. Having this information a few main areas crossed my mind, these were home bay, the pins, and Islyn.

I was lucky enough to draw Lloyd Hopkins as my boat partner on the day and after chatting for a while we decided it was best to start the day off in home bay.

I started off on a washing line method with a team of diawls and boobys on a 6ft fast sinking tip which didn’t prove to be successful first thing as there didn’t seem to be a hatch nor any fish rising at that time. With this info I decided to switch and go a bit deeper to try and find the fish, and quickly changed to a di3 with a weighted lure. Within a few minutes I was in to my first fish and managed to pick a couple more before it went quiet.

We then decided to motor around and try and find more fish. We tried the pins, coed y rhygun, and carreg y ogof but having zero interest in any of those usual hotspots we needed to find fish quickly. After chatting for a while we decided to try along the left hand side bank towards the iron bridge. It was somewhere I haven’t seen many people go to before and somewhere I only fished once or twice before. But in a competition, going to less known spots where people don’t usually go to can sometimes prove to be successful. And soon after arriving we found a concentration of fish close into the bank and we were able to pick 1 or 2 every drift to build a bag up until it was time to head back in for the weigh in.

Thank you very much to Lloyd Hopkins for the great day and thanks to Llyn Trawsfynydd and all the staff involved. Really enjoyed it .

Well done to Morgan on his win and very detailed write up. The next round will be held on Saturday 6th May, hoping that the weather will be somewhat warmer by then. Do keep in touch and follow the rounds as the tournament goes on.

Good luck all!

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