'Get into Fishing' with Turrall at the Game Fair 2023

'Get into Fishing' with Turrall at the Game Fair 2023

With over 100,000 people attending the 3 day event the Game Fair was back for another year. From gundogs to fishing and cooking to fashion the Game Fair did not disappoint with an amazing offering to all. Set in the beautiful estate of Ragley Hall and celebrating and promoting all that is outdoor and country the Game Fair, established in 1958 is a cornerstone of the summer time calendar for many.

Fishing is very much a pillar of the Game Fair and it was with great pride that Turrall & Co Ltd were back again to attended the fair in order to promote the art of fly dressing.

The art of fly dressing is a long established way of making fishing lures and Turrall being one of the oldest companies in the UK involved in the art was keen to show the craft to a new generation by providing people their chance to dress their own flies at the Game Fair.

England International Youth Team member and Turrall ambassador Nicholas Blissett threw himself into supporting the initiative.

The Aim

The Aim was simple. Encourage as many people as we could to take the time to dress their first flies and understand the unique craft of fly tying. In order to do this Turrall teamed up with our partners at the Fly Dressers Guild in order to provide the best knowledge and skills available through their committed volunteers and club members to offer help and support to those who needed.

Fly Dressers Guild member Derek teaches the finer points of tying on.

The weather forecast was not favourable but the mood was optimistic and it was with much excitement that we all awaited the opening of the first day and it did not disappoint. The weather was sunny and clear and the tables very quickly went busy and people began to get involved with fly tying. Some tying their first flies and others seeking advice and some tops tips that the team from the Fly Dressers Guild were only to happy to help with.

Richard takes his time to help some young newcomers to fly tying understand the tools needed such as the vice.

Ken Nutting from Worcester Fly Dressers Guild demonstrates tying techniques for some seasoned tiers.

Our Role

With fishing growing in popularity the Game Fair was keen to promote the idea of 'Get into Fishing'. The initiative aims to give people the chance to dress their first fly, learn to cast, catch a first fish, find out what swims in our waters. Turrall were very happy to have been able to help more than 120 people on this journey into fishing and fly tying and in doing so support the 'Get into Fishing' initiative.

The Competition

Naturally there was a sense of competition but the the format was simple.  All flies made at the 3 day event were entered into daily competitions. The flies were judged at the end of each day with prizes given out for the top three places per day. A Cortland Rod Kit for the top prize followed by a Premium Turrall Fly Tying Kit for the second and a Turrall Fly-Pod with fly selection for the third. 

The competition was fierce with so many well made flies and judging was not always easy. But with the help of some judges in the know such as River Monsters Jeremy Wade the winners were soon announced.

Jeremy Wade of river Monsters helps sort out the difficult judging.

One winner of the Cortland Rod Kit with fantastic Dry Fly.

Supporting the Future

The best fly from the 3 day event will be selected and put into production at Turrall & Co Ltd. The fly will be available for sale with proceeds from the sale of the fly going to the chosen charity of the Game Fair the Atlantic Salmon Trust. Keep a look out for this amazing fly coming soon.

A huge thank you to all those who took part on the day. You should be proud of the flies you have made. 

Thank you as always to the magnificent Fly Dressers Guild who were patient and professional throughout. We suggest that if anyone is interested please follow the link to join the gild Fly Dresser's Guild | Fly Dresser's Guild (flydressersguild.org). Thank you as well to Jeremy Wade for his time and support on the stand. Lastly thanks to all those involved in the organization of the Game Fair - well done John.

Look forward to seeing you all next year for The Game Fair 2024.

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